Would you like to play a game?

The little things in life are so much more enjoyable when you’re procrastinating.

I have just summed up my life in the above sentence. You can probably relate seeing as how you’re reading a blog about vices.

That’s right. I know you. I’m one of you.

You like to put off assignments until the very last minute because other things are just so much more enjoyable to do. Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, StumbleUpon, anything that will keep you from typing up that paper that’s due in eight hours.

Oh wait, that was seven hours ago. FOCUS!

Whenever I’m bored with nothing to do, I’ll probably check the old Facebook to see what’s new while I open up a new tab to see if any of my YouTube subscriptions has updated. I usually have a brief session of the Internets when I want to waste time.


When I find myself at a computer for an assignment, I’ll be on the Internets to waste time. I start reverting back to websites that I have not been on since my sophomore year of high school. I’m talking about online flash games. AddictingGames, Kongregate, and Newgrounds are all casual online gamer staples.

Unlike many such gamers, I’m not one to play the games on Facebook. Aside from getting pointless notifications, spam, and the inevitable lagging, I just don’t find the games very enjoyable. According this graph, there are many people that would disagree with my gaming taste.

If you want a taste of my taste, I have listed some of the standout games that I have played in recent memory in no particular order:

Infectonator: World Dominator

This game is all about creating the ultimate virus that causes those who become infected to become zombies. Its retro pixely graphics only make the game more enjoyable. Beware: this game is hard to stop playing.

OMG Zombies!

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3

It’s the third installment of the Guitar Hero-like series and it’s definitely harder than the first two. Be perseverant! Your frustrations will be worth the sweet victories in the end!

Guitar Hero ripoff!

Afro-Ninja Escape Series

These 1st person games force you to strategically think outside of the box… and drive you to click on every single pixel on the screen. In all honesty, these games are interesting and fun. Once you beat one, you’ll find yourself starting another one.



This very nice looking game is one that will make you think about life. The graphics make me think of Tim Burton, and the story is pretty emotionally involved. You’ll want to play this one through just on curiosity alone.

Kinda Creepy...

Age of War 2

This follow-up to a simple strategic war game is an interesting one. It is your base against an enemy base in battles that evolve through the ages from cavemen to futuristic warfare.

Hoomba Hoomba Hoomba!

These are just a few games that I have been sucked into thanks to my avoidance of work. If you liked these, tell your grades and your boss that I apologize for your future distractions.

By the way, the title was a Saw reference. I know, lame. Don’t judge me.

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